Apply for Near-Term Funding

Use the form (see below) to apply for near-term (handling time below two weeks) funding for student projects. In doing so, please note the following:

  • Funding can only be provided for projects of student groups at KIT that promote art and culture or promote education, general and vocational training including assistance to students as defined by German tax laws. See our funding guidelines (currently only available in German) for details.
  • The maximum amount of funding is 200 €. Larger amounts can be applied for at our yearly general meeting (see Funding for 2020).
  • You have to apply at least three days before but not more than three months before the event or purchase that is to be funded.
  • The project's description (three to four sentences suffice) should include details on what costs the funding is needed for and how students at KIT benefit from the project.

We will acknowledge receipt via email as soon as we'll have reviewed your application and request additional information if necessary. Our advisory council decides whether the funding is granted.

We continue to need a growing membership base in order to keep providing the required funding. With membership dues of only 15 Euros per year you can help us to support voluntary work of student groups at KIT. Join now!

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