Apply for Funding for 2020

Use the form below to apply for funding for student projects in the year 2020. In doing so, please note the following:

  • Funding can only be provided for projects of student groups at KIT that promote art and culture or promote education, general and vocational training including assistance to students as defined by German tax laws. See our funding guidelines (currently only available in German) for details.
  • The application has to include a PDF file containing a brief description of the project (maximum 300 words), indicating in particular how students at KIT benefit from the project, and a list of expected income and expenses.
  • Apart form the personal data of the contact person, the information provided in the application including the attached file will be made available to all members of Förderverein des Studierendenschaft. As the applicant, you agree to the disclosure.
  • For funding in 2020, applications must be sent by 31 December 2019 at the latest. Our offer for near-term funding can be taken up at any time regardless of this deadline.

We will acknowledge receipt via email within a view days and request additional information if necessary. Our general meeting in early 2020 will decide whether the funding will be granted.

Application for the year 2020 is no longer possible.

Only a broad base of members can ensure that we will be able to provide the student groups at KIT with the necessary funds year after year. Therefore we would like to strongly encourage you as an applicant to support our efforts to recruit new members.

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